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Login: password: remember me forgotten your password? Skip navigation home diagnoses procedures anatomy reference books about search for image search options modality: all modalities computed tomography(ct) fluoroscopy interventional radiology magnetic resonance imaging(mri) mammography nuclear medicine radiography ultrasound anatomic region: hypoplastic left heart syndrome synonyms: hypoplasia of the aortic tract complex, hypoplastic left ventricle syndrome definition:group of lesions that are characterized by one or more of mitral atresia, small left ventricle, aortic atresia, hypoplastic aortic arch what the referring physician needs to know if interatrial communication is not restrictive, hemodynamic picture resembles that of single ventricle in newborn infants, size of thoracic aorta is impossible to determine on chest film because thymus obscures this region it may be difficult to distinguish venous from arterial hypertension on basis of vessel size type of intracardiac angiography depends on particular lesions present and whether catheter can be manipulated into left atrium and right ventricle if baby appears to be candidate for surgery, right ventriculography may be helpful in identifying pulmonary stenosis and transposition complexes failure to see subclavian, carotid arteries may suggest aortic arch interruption passing venous line up to inferior vena cava and into left atrium through interatrial communication will document mitral atresia this is only a preview of what is available on imaging consult. An accurate and detailed description of today's three-stage open heart surgical approach for hypoplastic left heart syndrome - the 4th most common heart defect to occur in newborns. Written for both the family and medical community - includes illustrations. "presently, the choice for many is to perform the norwood procedure shortly after birth, followed by the bidirectional glenn procedure around 6 months of age, and the completion fontan procedure between 18 to 24 months of age. viagra online buy viagra buy viagra online cheap viagra buy generic viagra cheap viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription cheap generic viagra generic viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription " "to appreciate today's available treatment and its degree of success, one should consider its short history_recognizing that in the recent past nearly every baby born with this defect perished within days, and countless numbers suffered from their loss. The courage possessed by the family and the medical community and their rising to meet the challenge can be measured by the ever improving outcomes we witness today. " this is a six-page article folded to 8 1/2" by 11" size. Also included: 1 chaser news issue, brochure, and donation envelope. LAX NYC LON MOW BKK TYO NZD